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Why is my Cricut blade cutting too deep?

Why is my Cricut blade cutting too deep?

The Cricut Explore Series of die-cutting machines (Explore, Explore One, Air, Air 2, and Maker) all come with a German Carbide blade.  This blade is perfect for cutting materials such as paper, cardstock, StarCraft HD vinyl, etc.  Cricut sells a "Standard Blade" that comes with a grey rubber cover and newer blades have a white rubber cover, also called a "Fine Point Blade".  

Apparently the blades with the grey covers are not made for all Cricut machines as it says on the package.  Some people have posted this is a 60 degree blade and the German Carbide blade is 45 degrees, but this is not accurate--they are both 45 degree blades.  However, I have found that this blade is usually longer than the German Carbide blade and will cut through the backing on your vinyl.  I have measured these blades and they are usually around 0.035" longer and sometimes up to 0.100" longer.  Out of six blades I measured only one was the same as the factory German Carbide blade.  The German Carbide blade comes with a red cover like this one.

In the past year (2018/2019) I have also seen many posts on social media of people having the same issue with the Fine Point Blades with the white cover.  This problem has been prevelent enough that I feel it may be a quality issue with the manufacturer of the blades.

Replacement Blades
We offer the Bridge Cutters German Carbide Blades as replacements. You'd be hard pressed to find quality, consistent replacements for less than that price.  I recently ordered 15 blades from China to see what they were like and only one of the 15 was usable.  The rest were too short.

How often should I change my blade?
There is no magic answer to this question.  Different types of materials can dull blades at different rates, not to mention how often you use it.  I use my Cricut Explore several hours a day almost every day, but I cut vinyl about 99% of the time.  Vinyl is not nearly as hard on a blade as paper, cardstock, chipboard and other materials.  The answer is really, when you notice it's dull and not cutting well.  Some of the symptoms of a dull blade can be mistaken for other issues, though.  For example, if your mat is not sticky enough, paper or cardstock might tear like the blade is dull or if your image is not clean and has tiny jagged edges, the blade may tear your material even if it's sharp.

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