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Acrylic Blanks SVG Files

You may download the SVG files individually or one file contains all SVG files. Please note that you may need to adjust the size of the SVG file to meet your design and to match the blank to your preference.

Click here to download all SVG files for our acrylic blanks

Hot Crafter Summer Acrylic SVG

LED Circle

LED Circle (Basketball decorator file)

LED Double Hearts

LED Light Bulb

LED Name Plate

LED Rectangle

LED Sawblade

LED Snow Globe

LED Square

2022 Con-GRAD-ulations

2022 Graduate

2022 Hats Off to the Grad

2022 Tassel

2022 2.5 Circle


Anchor (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Anchor (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Arabesque Ornament

Arabesque Ornament - Elf

Arabesque Ornament - Star Decor

Arabesque Ornament - Snowlady

Arabesque Ornament - Sweater

Awareness Ribbon

Awareness Ribbon (Purchased after 2/1/2020)

Badge Reel Basketball Jersey

Badge Reel Bumble Bee

Badge Reel Cow

Badge Reel EMS

Badge Reel Football Helmet

Badge Reel Football

Badge Reel Horseshoe

Badge Reel Circle

Badge Reel Mini Paw

Badge Reel Pencil

Badge Reel Scrubs

Badge Reel Stethoscope

Badge Reel Sunflower


Basketball Jersey


Beer Mug (Purchased prior to 2/06/2020)

Beer Mug (Purchased after 2/06/2020)

Bell Ornament


Bunny (Purchased prior to 2/13/2020)

Bunny (Purchased after 2/13/2020)

Candy Ornament

Candy Corn

Christmas Light Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Truck Ornament

Christmas Mystery Box 2020 Ornament

Circle - 1.5"

Circle - 2.5"

Circle - 2.5"(Basketball decorator file)

Circle Award - 2.5"(Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Circle Award - 2.5"(Purchased after 10/1/2019)

CBD Oil Bottle (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

CBD Oil Bottle (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Celtic Cross

Chunky Crayon (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Chunky Crayon (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Chunky Pencil (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Chunky Pencil (Purchased after 10/1/2019)


Coaster Geode

Coaster Hexagon

Coaster Square

Coaster Vehicle

Coasters Round



Cross (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Cross (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Cupcake (Purchased prior to 11/5/2019)

Cupcake (Purchased after 11/5/2019)

Diamond Ring (Purchased prior to 11/5/2019)

Diamond Ring (Purchased after 11/5/2019)

DIY Alex Sunglasses

Double Hearts

Dog Bone

Dog Tag (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Dog Tag (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Dolphin (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Dolphin (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Double Bauble Ornament

Easter Egg


EMS Star of Life (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

EMS Star of Life (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Essential Oil Bottle (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Essential Oil Bottle (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Fire Maltese (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Fire Maltese (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Flamingo (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Flamingo (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Fleur de lis (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Fleur de lis (Purchased after 10/1/2019)


Football (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Football (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Football Helmet

Fruit Slice (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Fruit Slice (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Geode Pendant



Gift Tag (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Gift Tag (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Gift Tag (for Santa Key)(Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Girl Power

Graduation Hat (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Graduation Hat (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Guitar Pick

Heart (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Heart (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Heart(Candy Hearts decorator file for Heart Acrylic)( Purchased after 10/1/2019)


Home/House (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)


Home/House (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Horseshoe (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Horseshoe (Purchased after 10/1/2019)



Latte Cup (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Latte Cup (Purchased after 10/1/2019)


Long Stocking Ornament

Marquee Ornament

Mason Jar


Mermaid Tail (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Mermaid Tail (Purchased after 10/1/2019)









Monstera Leaf Pendant

North Carolina


Onesie (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Onesie (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Palm Tree (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Palm Tree (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Paw Print

Pencil Name Plate

Penguin Ornament

Pineapple (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Pineapple (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Pixel Heart

Police Shield (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Police Shield (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Potion Bottle

Present Ornament



Puzzle (Purchased after 2/1/2020)

Quatrefoil Shape (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Quatrefoil Shape (Purchased after 10/1/2019)



Rectangle Name Plate

Acrylic Blank - Rectangle 2" x 3"

Acrylic Blank - Rectangle 2.5" x 3.5"

Acrylic Blank - Rectangle 4" x 6"

Acrylic Blank - Rectangle 5" x 7"

Acrylic Blank - Rectangle 8" x 10"

Reindeer Ornament


Round Ornament

Rubberduck (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Rubberduck (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Santa Key

Santa List Ornament

Santa Noggin Ornament

Science Beaker


Sleigh Ornament

South Carolina

Star Ornament

Stocking Ornament

Sea Turtle (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Sea Turtle (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Seashell (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Seashell (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Snowflake Ornament

Snow Globe Ornament

Snow Globe Ornament(Gumball Machine decorator file for Snow Globe Ornament)

Snowman Ornament

Square - 2.5"

Square Award (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Square Award (Purchased after 10/1/2019)


Sugar Skull


Top Hat

Tumbler (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Tumbler (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Ugly Sweater Ornament

Unicorn Head (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Unicorn Head (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Valentine Banner

Valentine Beakers

Valentine Bows

Valentine Potion Bottle

Valentine Stethoscope


West Virginia

Whimsical Heart

Wings (Purchased prior to 10/1/2019)

Wings (Purchased after 10/1/2019)

Zen Flower Pendant