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Copyright Stance DBA Vinyl Fanatic, LLC's Stance on Copyright believes in and fiercely defends the rights of artists, creatives, and other copyright holders. If you know of a case of copyright infringement involving our services please contact us immediately. refuses to knowingly print any copyrighted or trademarked materials without express permission from the copyright or trademark holder. By uploading an image to our website you certify that you own the rights to reproduce this image. If we detect what we suspect is a copyrighted infringement (Disney, Hello Kitty, NFL logos, watermarked images to name just a few), we will simply contact you for substitution or proof of copyright and refund that item or replace it with something else.

Many people are confused about copyrighted and trademarked work. You cannot use copyrighted or trademarked images of brands for personal or commercial use without permission. Even if it is your own drawing or design, if it contains or features a copyrighted or trademarked character or design that is not yours, it is not permissible to print that image without permission.

What we do to protect rights holders:

We work very hard to protect the rights of copyright holders. We train our print staff to be on constant lookout for potential infringement. Every print is analyzed by a human to see if anything looks questionable. We also realize humans are not perfect and that catching every potential violation is impossible. We attempt to mitigate risk by posting signs over each print station as a reminder, and updating our list of popular imagery to watch out for. You can view our copyright warning here: Employee Copyright Warning. We are also investigating and actively developing AI technology to detect uploaded violations before they even reach our print floor. We also stress copyright issues in our tutorial videos and advertising copy, ask users to check a box certifying their rights to reproduce the image, and attempt to educate consumers about what constitutes copyright infringement here on our website.

The first line of defense is you, the customer operating the website. 143vinyl does not accept responsiblity for determining the copyright or trademark status of images that you upload to the website. By uploading an image you guarantee that you own the right to reproduce the image, and accept all responsibilty for any claims arising about copyright or trademark infringement.

What images are safe?

Any images from the public domain are safe. Any image that you produce yourself with an art program or our layout designer are 100% safe as long as they don't contain depictions of licensed characters or copyrighted artwork including logos. Any image where you have purchased the ability to use and reproduce the image from a trusted online marketplace like Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, So Fontsy, etc is safe to upload and print. Be sure to purchase images from reputable sellers, for instance not all Etsy sellers can be trusted to actually own the licenses for the images they are selling. We have seen many instances of Disney themed images being sold on Etsy for instance.