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Mr.Crafty Pants Favorite Products

Mr. Crafty Pants Favorite Products 

Favorite Permanent Vinyl: StarCraft HD (Matte) 

Why I love it:  

StarCraft HD is hands down the best permanent vinyl I’ve ever used. Not only is the quality  amazing, but it cuts like butter, weeds like magic, and is SO affordable! It comes in both glossy  and matte finishes, but I almost always reach for the matte. It’s amazing! 

Favorite HTV / Heat Transfer Vinyl (aka Iron-On): StarCraft SoftFlex 

Why I love it: 

This was a tough one because I love Siser EasyWeed, but the StarCraft SoftFlex barely beats it  out. I love that the StarCraft SoftFlex has a buttery, soft feel with a matte finish. It’s also super  important to me that HTV doesn’t feel too “heavy” on my shirt and the way that the StarCraft  SoftFlex feels like it almost becomes one with the shirt is amazing!  

Favorite Weeding Tool: Pin Pen Weeding Tool 

Why I love it: 

This tool is pure magic and the best weeding tool currently on the market. It completely  revolutionizes weeding vinyl and HTV. I’ve tried the DIY and knock-off versions of the Pin Pen,  but nothing compares to the real deal! I also love that it has a lifetime warranty.  

Favorite Transfer Tape: Medium Tack Transfer Tape 

Why I love it: 

This transfer tape is essentially witchcraft and undeniably the best transfer tape currently on  the market. I love that I can reuse the same piece of transfer at least 10 times, it never leaves a  residue on my vinyl, and the fact that it’s SO easy to use.


4" Squeegee - Blue
Out of stock
4" Squeegee - Blush
4" Squeegee - Bright Pink
4" Squeegee - Lavender
Out of stock
4" Squeegee - Mint
Out of stock
4" Squeegee - Red
StarCraft SoftFlex - 5 Pack You Pick - 12" x 12" Sheets

StarCraft SoftFlex HTV - All Colors Pack - 12" x 12" Sheets

Little Red Scraper
StarCraft SoftFlex - 10 Pack You Pick - 12" x 12" Sheets

StarCraft SoftFlex - 15 Pack You Pick - 12" x 12" Sheets