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Mr. Crafty Pants

Mr. Crafty Pants DTF Transfers
Mr. Crafty Pants DTF Transfers
Mr. Crafty Pants Printed Patterns
Mr. Crafty Pants Printed Patterns
Mr.Crafty Pants Favorite Products
Mr.Crafty Pants Favorite Products
Limited Craftmas 2023 Blanks
Limited Craftmas 2023 Blanks

Michael David, or as many know him “Mr. Crafty Pants,” is a crafter, YouTube content creator and Cricut aficionado. Across the crafting community he is known for his signature style of teaching which incorporates easy-to-follow tutorials with a healthy mix of positivity and encouragement. In addition to YouTube, Many of Michael’s subscribers can be found in the Mr. Crafty Pants Facebook Group. Group members work together to grow their skills, troubleshoot Cricut-related problems, showcase their work, and inspire each other to create, all in a positive, “Good Vibes Only”environment.

Feeling Crafty? 

If so, consider subscribing on YouTube & following Michael on Social  Media for all the latest Crafting & Cricut tips, tricks, & tutorials!  

Join the Mr. Crafty Pants Texting Community: Text “143” to  +1-502-878-7189 to join! 


Facebook Profile

The Mr. Crafty Pants Facebook Group





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Mr. Craft Pants Craftmas 2023 - Acrylic Tumbler Shaker
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Mr. Crafty Pants Limited Edition Red Stainless Steel Tumbler
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PRIMO x Mr. Crafty Pants - A.R.T Stencils Bundle

Sublimation Slate
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