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Important Information Regarding Printed Pattern HTV

Important Information Regarding Printed Pattern HTV

We recently experienced supply issues from the vendor where we purchased printable heat transfer vinyl for our custom Printed Pattern HTV.  We actually experienced this issue a few times the past several months but were trying to work through the issues with the vendor. Unfortunately, the vendor has become unreliable to the point it was harming our business as they are unable to supply us with adequate inventory.  

Because of this we are switching our substrate choice to Siser Hi-5 Matte printable HTV, which is a new product for Siser North America.  We have worked for several weeks to test the printing and application of the HTV to reach optimal results and we are certain you are going to love this product.  One of the key features in addition to being thinner and having a matte finish is that this product presses at a lower temperature than the previous product which makes it much better when applying to products like Rayon (Viscose).  Siser’s specifications state that it can be pressed at 250 degrees for only five seconds. However, throughout our testing we have found that the best application temperature is 285 degrees for 15 seconds on most garments. You can go up to 305 degrees for heavier weight materials, as well.  

On Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 we will be releasing our Printed Pattern HTV product line with the new product.  Not all patterns will be available right away as we still have to re-print them using the new product but the good news is we have prioritized our best selling patterns and those will be available first.  

IMPORTANT: With this new product, application is drastically different than the old product.  You press the new printed pattern HTV at 285 degrees for 15 seconds with medium pressure and you peel it warm.  

HOW DO I KNOW WHICH PRODUCT I HAVE:  There are two ways to know. First, if you purchased it on or before July 17, 2018 from the regular HTV menu under PRINTED PATTERN HTV, it will be the old product.  Any remaining old product will be moved to our clearance section, as well.  If you purchased on or after July 18, 2018 you have the new product. Simply look at your invoice, that is the sure way to tell. If at a later time you have them mixed up, there are a few other ways you can tell the difference.  The old product also has a bit of a gloss to it and does not really lay totally flat when laid on a table, the edges typically curl a bit. The new product is thinner and lays perfectly flat and also has a flat matte finish.

If you have any questions you can contact our customer service team at 502-909-3100.  

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