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Effective June 12, 2020 we are discontinuing the sale of ORAFOL/ORACAL Products on our website

Effective June 12, 2020 we are discontinuing the sale of ORAFOL/ORACAL Products on our website

June 12, 2020

What products are alternatives?

Permanent Adhesive - We currently offer many high quality permanent adhesive vinyl products from StarCraft, Siser, and Styletech.

Temporary Adhesive and Paint Mask - We are currently working on replacement product lines for these categories and should have them available soon, possibly by the end of August.

Swatch Rings for StarCraft HD - We are working on these, but it may be a bit before they are ready and cannot provide a release date at this time.

Our Dispute with ORAFOL®

As many of you know, we have had an ongoing dispute with ORAFOL®, the makers of ORACAL® products, over our domain name.  We chose our company name (651VINYL®) because it has been used for years as a generic term in the crafting community for permanent adhesive vinyl and initially our business was very much centered around adhesive films.  In fact, I wrote an article that’s in the LEARN section of our website in December 2016 explaining just that.  After selling and shipping millions of dollars of product to us over the years, last year they filed a dispute with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office).  We contacted ORAFOL® several times and asked to work out an amicable business solution but were only met with silence and then lawyers.  In March 2020 while I was on vacation with my wife and out of the country, on the day of our wedding anniversary, ORAFOL® had me served with a Federal Lawsuit after they abandoned our negotiations, filing suit against our company AND me personally.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach an agreement with ORAFOL® to resolve the differences after another attempt to settle the matter.  We plan to dispute this suit and defend our company and its position against what we feel are false accusations and we have filed a counterclaim against ORAFOL® for the actions they have taken to harm our business.

What will change as a result of this?

Over the coming months we may transition the name of our company from 651VINYL® to something else, but that is currently undecided.  If we do, not much will change, just the appearance of our logo and other basic business changes.  It will be the same website with a new name, your order history will be retained, etc.  We would only change what we call the website and the business.  We would still be the same great company you have come to rely on for great vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and other crafting materials and supplies.  Again, this is undecided at this time.

Are you discontinuing ORAFOL®/ORACAL® products?

Unfortunately ORAFOL® has decided not to sell their products to our company as a result of this impasse.  For several months we have purchased ORACAL® vinyl from several different sources, even paying significantly more for it while keeping our prices stable for you, the customer.  We even drove around the Eastern half of the country buying what we could find from various resellers and distributors.  Recently supplies have even run dry, presumably due to COVID-19 shutdowns according to what our suppliers have shared with us.  We have been told my multiple distributors that currently ORACAL® 651 orders are taking weeks to receive.  We sell such a high volume that it depletes much faster from our inventory than most other companies and it’s been a challenge to keep it in stock.  Because of the difficulty in obtaining ORACAL® vinyl resulting from buying restrictions and supply issues resulting from the COVID-19 shutdowns, we are discontinuing it effective immediately.  We have decided it is time to turn the page and move forward rather than struggling with what we feel is a bad relationship. 

Existing orders will be filled and shipped as normal.  

Does this mean you are going out of business?

Absolutely not.  Overall, ORACAL® was a small percentage of our sales.

What can we do as customers to support you?

As a consumer you can choose to purchase products we continue to sell. We plan to add many more products in the coming weeks and months in vinyl and many other crafting product categories from leading manufacturers. As we have expanded recently by adding a 39,000 square foot warehouse next door to our existing 22,000 square foot location, you can expect to see MANY products added soon while we get even better at what we do. Nothing changes with our local pickups with the addition of the new facility, those will be handled the same way.