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Teflon Sheet

Teflon Sheet
16" x 20" Teflon Sheet for Heat Press
Weight 0.20 lbs
Our price: $5.49

16 x 20 inch Teflon Sheet

This 16 x 20 inch Teflon sheet is perfect to use with your heat press. Teflon sheets cover your design while you press and helps prevent your design from melting or getting stuck to the platen of your heat press. Teflon sheets are reusable and non-stick. If you get HTV or melted plastic on your Teflon sheet simply wipe it clean or discard the sheet and replace it.

Teflon sheets are also great to use with an iron or a Cricut EasyPress to prevent your vinyl from melting and getting stuck to it! Even if your heat press has a built-in sheet on the upper platen, it is recommended to use a separate sheet so if anything does get on the sheet, you can clean it or discard and replace the sheet.

We recommend attaching the Teflon sheet to the top platen of your heat press by using magnets on the sides of the platen to help prevent you from ever forgetting your Teflon sheet again.​​​​​​​

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