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This is the site formerly known as 651VINYL®

We have changed our name and re-branded our company.   Why 143?  Click here to read the details on why we chose 143.



Save up to 40-50% on products we are trying to move.  Please see the product descriptions for any additional details . Otherwise, all product in the Outlet section are in good, usable condition.  

These products may fall into one or more of the following:

  • Clearance - Sometimes we need to sell out of remaining product to make room for new items.
  • Overstock - Sometimes we have too much of something and need to sell it to make room in our warehouse.
  • B-Grade - Sometimes we make mistakes so we might accidentally cut a product the wrong size or maybe there's a small blemish as an example of how a product may not be quite up to snuff when it comes to our quality control. When we make a mistake, sometimes the custome gets the benefit!

Coupons may not be used on Outlet items as they are already heavily discounted.



Acrylic Blank For LED Bases - Light Bulb
save 27%
Outlet Printed Pattern Vinyl - Red Buffalo Plaid 12" x 12" Sheet
Out of stock
Outlet Printed Pattern Vinyl - Small Buffalo Red Plaid 12" x 24" Sheet
Out of stock
Actual Size 11.8" x 23"
Siser Sparkle HTV: 11 3/4" x 23" sheet - Grapevine
Out of stock
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