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Printed Pattern Vinyl - Glossy - Citrus 12" x 24" Sheet

Printed Pattern Vinyl - Glossy - Citrus 12" x 24" Sheet
Citrus Citrus with Ruler
Weight 0.15 lbs
Our price: $4.50

Printed Pattern Vinyl -

This is printed pattern permanent adhesive vinyl. Many vendors sell advertising or wrap printed vinyl and state that "it's the same as regular vinyl" when in reality it is not and is intended for different purposes.  We print directly on glossy permanent adhesive vinyl.  

The latex ink used to print this beautiful premium permanent vinyl is rated by the manufacturer as follows:

  • Outdoor, No UV lamination - 3 Years
  • Indoor, No UV Lamination, in a window - 6 Years
  • Indoor, No Sun Exposure - Up to 200 Years

Save by purchasing 12" x 24" sheets instead of 12" x 12" sheets!  The unique pattern and color scheme was designed by the team at

Our printed pattern permanent adhesive vinyl is a calendared.  Made with clear permanent adhesive vinyl has a durability rating of up to five to six (5-6) years.  The release liner is a custom silicone coated paper with special release characteristics that provide excellent weeding and release values. 

It can be used to make crafts and signage of all types including decals for automobiles, decorations, and more.

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Printed Pattern Vinyl - Glossy - Citrus 12" x 12" Sheet
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