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Heat Transfer Products

This product is for Heat Transfer and can be used on apparel such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, and other clothing.  You may also use it on items such as tote bags, purses, blankets, and many other textiles.  Heat transfer products such as Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is recommended to be applied with a heat press although many people use a household iron.  Pressing heat transfer products can vary depending on the HTV product, manufacturer, and type.  Siser, Chemica, and others vary slightly in application instructions, temperature, time, pressure, peel type, care, etc., so be sure to read the specifications on how to use the product.  Sometimes the type of material may affect those recommended settings.  For example, products with Rayon (Viscose) in them that are dark colored, you may want to press at a slightly lower temperature for a longer period to avoid leaving marks from the heat.  

For most of the HTV products we carry here at 143VINYL™, you may want to install the TroyTube app so you have this information available at arms-length reach at all times.  The TroyTube app is available on Apple and Android devices, simply search the respective store for "TroyTube".  

You may also want to watch the recording of this free online class called "Heat Transfer Vinyl 101".  The video is fairly long but contains a lot of useful information that will demystify a lot for newcomers to the craft, as well.